Accounts Officer CV Sample

How to Structure Your CV

A good accountant cv should have the following components: Personal details, Summary, work experience, education, professional certifications

Highlight Your Skills Sets

Analytical, organized, critical thinking, numeracy, interpersonal communication, adaptable, accounting software and spread sheets, and team work.

Red flags to Avoid in Your CV

Avoid personal details that are subjective such as age and sex. Focus more on your accomplishments over your duties. Sell three things: knowledge, skills and abilities.

Accounting professionals breaks down and simplifies financial records and information for individual clients and corporate entities. Accountants roles vary and this is often seen in the job titles and functional differences. As an accounting professional, your ability to present you CV based on your area of specialty is key to increasing your interview calls. For instance, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) spend significant time in tax documents, balance articulations, and different types of money related documentation that their customers should lawfully uncover. This job requires exactness, diagnostic aptitudes, and solid morals.

The management accountants, on the other hand, must have a firm comprehension of planning and corporate money, while government bookkeepers ought to comprehend the better purposes of administrative, state, and neighborhood guidelines for tax assessment and budgeting purposes.

All accounting professionals regardless, should be able to decipher complex budgetary information and afterward convey their findings to customers in a simple manner easily digestible by the lay person. Above all, accounting professionals need to demonstrate an affinity for numbers, but they also need to show their skill with words. Check the samples provided below for more!

Accounts Officers primary duties include: Managing finances, financial planning, and keeping of financial accounts.  As such, account reconciliations of challenging and difficult accounts, inventory, preparing estimates for new products,. An MBA Degree, bachelors degree or HND at least is needed for typical positions of an Accounts Officer

toma jebuni
Mobile: 2330000000
P.O.Box -111, Wa, UWR, Ghana


Smart Accounts Officer who is experienced at managing finances and keeping programme accounts up to date. Exceptionally skilled at  preparing inventory, making financial and cost estimation. Adept at monitoring accounts payable activity, assisting in monitoring an aging report and developing comprehensive reports to assist managemen. Highly proficient with computer software, such as MS Office and Tally.

Work experience

Accounts Officer, Sungnuma & Associates, Wa – Ghana, 2015 – date

  • Maintained account records in line with audit standards.
  • Prepared monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements for the company
  • Ensured clear linkages between the books of accounts and financial statements
  • Coordinated building and maintenance issues for general repair
  • Advice management and clients on Tax laws and 

Accounts Assistant, Doglaara Agency, Jirapa, Jan. 2013 – June 2015

  • Assisted the accounts unit with data entry.
  • Processed and recorded transactions
  • Prepared, update and submit reports timely.
  • Engaged in  filing, data entry, phone calls and email.
  • Reviewed financial documents, purchases orders, vouchers, and invoices

Book Keeping Officer, Kaka Ltd, Tamale – Ghana, 200-2015

  • Verified, allocated, and posted transactions.
  • Balanced accounts and reconciled entries.
  • Maintained general ledger by transferring entries.
  • Maintained historical records by filing documents.



Payroll functions
Accounting reports
Profit & loss
Month end closing
Year end audit



BSc.  Accounting/Commerce, Example University, Wa, 2012



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