Is Professional CV Design Service Important in Ghana?

Is Professional CV Design Service Important in Ghana? 3

According to most people in Ghana, engaging a writing service professional to write your CV or resume for you is a waste of time.

People who hold this view claim that “professionally-written CVs look generic and sterile and do not create a good impression with the reader(Guardian Jobs).” Should you really pay for someone to write your CV with you?

Opting for a CV service might not be “cool” for a few people who can write good CVs.

What about the majority of job seekers who struggle with problems. Problems such as incorrect grammar, poor structuring, poor formatting and inability to highlights what is necessary for CVs and Resumes?

In this write-up, I provide a list of questions to help job seekers find out whether they need professional CV service or not.

Do you know CV and Resume Differences?

Do you know the difference between a resume and a CV, how to design them and which one you should use and when to use them?

The truth is that each serves a specific purpose and should be used in specific context. Most job seekers take this for granted and pay dearly for it.

Do you know your average call to interview rate?

Have you been granted an interview with your perceived well-designed CV or resume?

Did you roll out many applications without any call to interview?

On average if you roll out three applications in your field without being called to interview know that there is the need for you to relook at your CV.

How confident are you about your proofreading, grammar, design and writing skills?

Are you able to design your CV to satisfy how other people see you as a professional in your chosen field?

In writing a CV or resume one consideration is that recruiters will serve as your looking glass and the picture you present to them in your CV must be able to make them (recruiters) see what they want to see not what you want them to see.

Thus, by employing the services of a CV Design professional, he/she assesses you just like a recruiter and in the process tries to hide all the negative traits and pitfalls that might potentially work against you been granted an interview.

Did you do any cost and benefit analysis?

Assess yourself objectively by using the question of whether it is the resources you will invest in engaging a professional CV designer or the reality is that the service is not needed by you?”

Well, this is a very important question worth asking in the sense that as a job seeker, you have to do a cost and benefit analysis of paying a small price for a professional CV design vis-à-vis missing a good number of interviews.

Is Professional CV Design Service Important in Ghana? 4
Did you crosscheck whether your current CV conforms to standard practices?

Do you crosscheck the errors in your CVs and how?

Do you use just Microsoft word editor or you have other applications?

Without cross-checking your CV with relevant grammar checker applications and applicant tracking systems your CV stands the risk of being thrown out by both software and humans.

Is your CV accomplishments driven or duty-driven? 

Are you able to highlight your skills and responsibilities in a brief and concise manner?

These days your ability to demonstrate that you are an achiever is what will make you stand out.

If you can boast of only responsibilities and descriptions of your previous tasks, know that it is time to engage a professional writer to spice up your resume/CV.

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Note that a professional CV design service or writer can help identify the key achievements and skills necessary for a particular role or sector, cut out unnecessary or irrelevant details, and pinpoint what makes the individual stand out.

This level of objectivity is one of the major benefits of working with a professional writer.

It’s often difficult to be able to stand back from your own career history to assess what’s relevant or not, or to choose the most appropriate qualities.

However, engaging a CV design service or writer does not guarantee success there are some best practices you must maintain.

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