How to Increase your self awareness in Job Search

How to Increase your self awareness in Job Search

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Knowing where you get your energy from, the implications of your personality and what you value, can help you make better choices about your future and craft your roles as you progress.

We appreciate though, that not everyone can be in those places and that you might need some help right now! To get you started, here are three things we think can help:

  1. FiveThirtyEight – this is a helpful personality test based on the ‘big 5’ traits of extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, negative emotionality and openness to experience. Not only do you get some good insight into your propensity for each trait, you can also send a link around which means other people can compare themselves to you!
  2. Introversion – Extroversion Scale – there are several tests that can help you identify where you get energy from. We’re fans of Adam Grant’s test, because we think he is great (!) and because he focuses on ambiversion, which is where most people actually fall. Knowing where you sit on the scale can help you think about how you want to work and with who, so that you create environments where you can be your best at work
  3. Via Character Strengths – despite it featuring the word ‘strengths’, this test can give you some steer as to what your values might be. It’s quick to fill in and if you create an account (free for a basic version), it saves your results so you can see over time if your context changes your results. I found this to be true now i’m working for myself – Hope has come up much higher in my character strengths than it did when I was in a more corporate role in my squiggly career!

If you put the insights from these different tests together, it can help you to self-reflect and inform your future career choices.

Thanks for reading, Helen

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