Can I submit a Job Application after the deadline?

Can I submit a Job Application after the deadline?

Job Application

Even though the job application deadline has passed, you should still submit for a few reasons.

If the job is currently being filled and an offer has been extended and accepted, technically the recruiter should pull the plug on the opening, but that doesn’t always happen.

As a former corporate recruiter, I was always recruiting for a position until the candidate not only accepted the offer but also officially started on his or her first day.

In the case mentioned above, the recruiter may still keep an eye out for resumes that are submitted, regardless of who has been called for an interview.

Second, when you submit your resume online, your resume is entered into the company’s applicant tracking system (a.k.a. their database).

That means recruiters within that company can search for resumes using specific keywords. So even though you’re submitting your resume for one job, that doesn’t mean it’s only going to show up for that particular job.

Recruiters can still find you for other positions at the company they think you might be a good fit for.

The final reason you should apply is because the hiring process can change unexpectedly. Maybe the deadline got extended; maybe someone on the team is leaving soon but hasn’t officially resigned so the job is still open.

You never know the situation behind the scenes, and the cool thing is that it doesn’t matter. If the job is still posted past the deadline, go for it

You can use this template to help you out with a late job application next time:

I am afraid that I was only made aware of the fact that your company, [company name] is looking to fill a position for [position name]

Honestly, I am disappointed to see in the application instruction that the deadline for submissions is [insert deadline]

I do not easily give up and would like to still submit my CV anyway with the hope that I may still be able to secure a call to to interview. So I immediately decided to still submit my application.

I am quite passionate about working with your outfit and [insert a value proposition]

The blog post features an excerpt from Monster’s career expert Vicki Salemi who has in-depth expertise in career advice.

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