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CVs, Resumes & Letters

Learn the latest trends in CV and cover letter design on Sobiatribe. Do you have experience with a winning CV? or you just want to learn and share? You are welcome

Job Search & Application

It takes more than a good CV and letter to get your dream job. Here, we have created this space for learning the best job search strategies, procedures and networking.


What is your experience with recent interviews you have attended? What about the salary expectaion question? Do you want to learn trendy and tricky interview questions & answers ?

LinkedIn Ideas

We provide you a platform for learning and sharing of ideas on LinkedIn and related online issues. Learn and share on how to network well on LinkedIn, enhance your professional brand and get hired!

Funding Opportunities in GH

With Sobiatribe you can learn and share ideas on latest scholarships, funding and consulting opportunities in Ghana. Join now and lets share our way to succesful entrepreneurship

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