Frequently Asked Questions about Sobiatribe


Frequently asked Questions about Sobiatribe

Sobiatribe is an online career community established by Ghanaians for Ghanaians and the world at large. The mission of Sobiatribe is to make learning and sharing for career advancement easier. Simply put Sobiatribe is contributing to the overall mission of Sobiaonline which is “helping you buid a career you love”

Sobiatribe seeks to connect career knowledge gaps between students, job seekers, agencies, specialists and the general public in Ghana and beyond.

Through shared knowledge, more people can start their own businesses, retire in peace, get their dream jobs, improve productivity …

For specialists and practitioners you will find this platform useful for showcasing your specialised skills and even driving ” constructive traffick” to your online portfolio, blogs or businesses.

For job seekers, you will find this platform useful for interviews, job search and other career issues.


Sobiatribe works in two simple ways: 
1. Use Sobiatribe to ask questions when you have them. Questions should be based on career forum categories which can be accessed below.  If your question is does not fall within any of the career issues then kindly use the default forum category.
1. Answer questions when you can

It is ouer hope that all users feel at home and at peace with each other. We have provided the following code of conduct to moderate all user activity on Sobiatribe

1. All forum members should respect one another. Memberso uphold constructive critism and ensure no hate speech, harrassment and bullying.

2. Intellectual property

All users need to acknowledge the sources of their data with relevant links to original sites

3. All members should not post spam comments or any malicious activity on the platform

4. All post is expected to contain a minimum threshold of English letters as all discussions is expected to be in English language. Members are also expected to engage the platform using formal English language without any “pidgin”

5. Sobiatribe has the right to ban any user who violates these terms and conditions without any prior notification.

Simply click here to login and contribute. You can click the register button to login or just login using your google or facebook account. 

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